Simplifying spend and expense management for organizations of all sizes and across industries, including:
The Best Expense Management Solution 2022


The Clarity of Real-Time Data

Expense management shouldn’t weigh your team down. Real-time data brings full visibility to the entire spend process.

No Expense Reports

When you use CenterCard, expensing is as easy as snap, tag, submit.

Full Visibility

See spend as it happens and speed processing all the way to GL. 


Immediate Insights

Use live data to see how expenses are tracking and take action quickly.

One Solution, Start to Finish

Stop trying to stitch together card feeds, spreadsheets, and paper receipts. Center gathers all the data you need in one seamless system.



The CenterCard® Corporate Credit Card, powered by Mastercard®, is more than a card—it automatically captures spend as it happens in Center’s integrated expense software. Real-time expensing means no more expense reports.


Center Expense

Get full visibility into all company spend, all in one place. Set up policies, custom fields, and approval workflows to streamline review and automatically audit 100% of expenses.


Spend Insights

See trends, identify patterns, and spot anomalies. Break down spend by vendor, employee, or cost center for more accurate forecasting and policy improvement opportunities.

Easy Expensing for Everyone


No More Expense Reports

Cross monthly expense reports off the to-do list. Forever. Just snap a photo of the receipt and clickSubmit.

Elevate Your Team's Impact

Level up your accounting organization and automate expense management with one simple, powerful solution.

Close the Books

Automate expense processing from spend to GL to free your team from busywork and speed month-end close.

See the Big Picture Immediately

Get exactly the information you need, when you need it—no waiting for reports. Start with the big picture; zoom in for the details.

Try Real-Time Expensing Today

Don't let outdated expense processes drag your team down. Empower your whole team with the clarity of real-time spending data.

EFFICIENT: CenterCard and Center Expense work together to give you full visibility and automated processing.

FAST: Get started quickly and see results right away. With Center, it’s easy to get your team up and running.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Reduce your expense processing costs with Center. It's an affordable solution for companies of all sizes.


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