Center is powerful, modern expense management software that's connected to a dynamic corporate card. Center helps companies control spend and monitor expenses in real-time and the difference compared to legacy systems like Expensify is significant.

Let us show you in this side-by-side comparison video of Center vs Expensify. 

In this on-demand video you'll see:

  • A comparison of the purchasing, receipt capture, submission, and  processing in each system
  • The finance administrator's experience in Expensify and in Center
  • How easy it is to create custom fields in Center



About Center:

Center focuses on helping growing companies get the most out of every dollar—and hour—spent with its integrated corporate card and expense software. Center uses real-time data to track spend as it happens for better visibility, live analytics, and cost savings. More information about how Center can help contain costs and monitor spend in real-time is available here.