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Everything you need to manage your organization’s expenses,
from the time of purchase to posting to the general ledger.

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Lighten Your Load

Bogged down with bottlenecks and delays?
Center lightens the load by automating the entire expense cycle, so your team can focus on what really matters.


Instant Expensing

When you use the CenterCard® Corporate Credit Card, powered by Mastercard®, transaction information appears automatically in the CenterCard mobile app.

Simply snap a photo of the receipt, fill in any needed details, and submit. That’s all.

A corporate card that increases peace of mind? It’s possible.

Center Expense

Effortless Reviewing and Auditing

Real-time, transaction-level data means expenses can be routed, checked, audited, flagged, and even approved automatically.

See at a glance which expenses still need information from spenders, which ones have cleared automatic audit, and which need your review.

Automatic audits? See how we do it.


Actuals Whenever You Want Them

Your entire team—from department managers to the C-suite—can track actual spend as it happens. No more waiting for the books to close.

See spend by department, by vendor, and by category in Center’s Insights dashboard.

Finally, the information you need, when you need it.

The Real-Time Expensing Difference

Real-time expensing is simply faster and more accurate than the old way. You get up-to-the-minute spending information for the whole company.

Full visibility ∙ Increased accuracy ∙ Built-in compliance
Streamlined workflows ∙ Live analytics

Real-time expensing transforms the entire expense process. Find out how.

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