Inside the 2021 Report

  • Key takeaways for CFOs and Controllers
  • Which activities are taking up the most time
  • Biggest frustrations in the expense process
  • Breakdown of which tools are used
  • Top priorities for the next 6 months

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Are you the only team still using spreadsheets? How are finance teams handling audits? What are finance teams' top priorities over the next 6 months?

Additional findings: 

  • 40% of finance teams still use spreadsheets as their primary means of expense management
  • 19% of finance professionals surveyed cited their current expense management processes as "smooth sailing"
  • 87% of CFOs cited working remotely as a challenge at the onset, while only 20% still agree with that sentiment
  • 53% of controllers thought remote work was a challenge in the early days of the pandemic, while that number has grown to 59% today

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