Inside the White Paper

How to modernize your expense management process to:

  • Help employees work more efficiently
  • Streamline the accounting process
  • Improve cash flow with faster billing
  • Track job costs more accurately for better profit margins



When the expense management process runs smoothly, your crew can keep jobs running, the accounting team can bill customers promptly and close the books on time, and your management team has the right data to manage budgets and bid future jobs.

When you modernize your expense process, your employees have more time to focus on the things that really matter, while your finance and leadership teams will have the systems and information they need to improve your financial performance.

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About Center:

Center makes it easy for construction crews, contractors, accountants, and project managers to get the job done without getting sidetracked by expenses. The Center mobile app on the job site, keeping spend in check with customizable policy controls, and streamlining customer chargebacks. Want to learn more about how Center is helping construction companies keep project expenses and budgets on track? Visit Center for construction companies