Do Employees Really Prefer Personal Cards Over Corporate Cards?

Center’s 2021 Business Spender Sentiment Survey reveals what employers need to know about potential benefits, actual costs, and hidden stressors related to using personal cards for work.

Inside the Report

Key takeaways based on the survey results of over 500 US-based business spenders, including:

  • Why corporate cardholders still sometimes use personal cards
  • How employees really feel about rewards, points, or cash back
  • The financial implications and stresses of using personal cards
  • Recommendations for organizations who offer corporate cards as well as for those who do not


In today’s environment, more and more business purchases get made by credit card.

Employees who use personal cards for those purchases say they benefit from earning extra points. But what are the real costs of those points, to employees and their employers?

Center’s Business Spender Sentiment Survey reveals how employees really feel about using personal cards. Download your copy to find out:

  • The ratio of organizations who use corporate cards vs. relying on personal cards
  • The percentage of spenders that choose to use personal when they’ve been issued a corporate card
  • The percentage of personal card spenders who carry a balance month-to-month, and more

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