Apr, 28, 2020

Back to Work Toolkit

Steps, templates, and guidelines for reopening the workplace compiled by Madrona Venture Group based on meetings with business and public leaders.


Mar, 16, 2020

Business Guidance from the CDC

Official communication from the Centers for Disease Control about what employers should consider in planning around Covid-19.


Mar, 25, 2020

A CEO Plan for Coronavirus: Actions to Take Now

An action plan focused on six key operational areas for CEOs and leadership teams. Three of the six are directly linked to finance: P&L, revenue, and costs.


Mar, 30, 2020

A 5-Day Plan to Keep Your Company Afloat

It's critical that companies react with urgency to the new economic landscape. Steve Blank, adjunct professor at Stanford, outlines how to update your business plan in 5 days. 


Apr, 15, 2020

The Founder's Field Guide for Navigating This Crisis — Advice from Recession-Era Leaders, Investors and CEOs Currently at the Helm

A practical, 8-part roundup of advice and tips for navigating economic uncertainty.


May, 21, 2019

Smart Moves to Make Now Ahead of a Recession

Tips from consultants at Bain and Co about ways to prepare your company ahead of a potential recession.


Mar, 08, 2020

8 strategies to set up remote work during the coronavirus outbreak

The CEO of HackerOne, which features a community of over 600,000 people working remotely, offers tips for the best ways to set up remote workers to succeed.


Feb, 27, 2020

Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

A well-rounded list of recommendations for leaders during times of crisis, including the need for relying on resilience principles.


Mar, 16, 2020

COVID-19: Implications for business

McKinsey's executive briefing about the Covid-19 panic, with recent learnings and projections about potential scenarios.


Dec, 03, 2019

3 Cost-Cutting Mistakes to Avoid

Suggestions for finance around how to cut costs effectively while maintaining investment strategically.


Apr, 15, 2019

Preparing for and managing through a downturn

Transcript of a podcast about lessons learned from the 2008 recession and how to protect your business from future downturns.


Mar, 16, 2020

10 Ways to Communicate with Empathy and Authority in Times of Crisis

Suggestions for effective communications during times of crisis.


Feb, 28, 2020

What’s Your Company’s Emergency Remote-Work Plan?

Tips to consider when planning for the likelihood of remote work.