We've assembled a kit for non-profit organizations who need to spend less time on finance operations and more time on their mission. The kit includes:

  • A Center visual tour of how to:
    • Track expenses by grant
    • Report on spending
    • Create custom fields for programs or grants
    • Capture spend
    • Document receipts for grants
  • Center for non-profits on-demand demo
  • How different team members operate in Center at non-profits
  • What non-profit customers say about using Center, and more...

No need to spend precious time on research. The Expense Management for Non-Profits Kit is here. 



For non-profits, tracking spend by program is essential, and Center really helps with this. I’m able to see all of my data in the Expense Hub, and then I can sort by specific program or grant if I want to run reports or do a more detailed analysis. I'm truly happy with the service Center has provided, and the time saved allows us to focus on our mission.

Amy F, CEO, The World Is Fun

Verified Review from G2

Center simplifies spend and expense management for organizations who want to focus on their mission, including:
Expense Management for Non-Profits

About Center:

Center focuses on helping organizations thrive by getting the most out of every dollar—and hour—spent. With its integrated corporate card and expense software, Center uses real-time data to track spend as it happens for better visibility, live analytics, and cost savings. More information about how non-profit organizations use Center to help contain costs and monitor spend in real time is available here.