Center simplifies spend and expense management for nonprofit organizations who want to focus on their mission, including:

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Center for Non-Profit Organizations

Learn why Center is becoming the go-to expense management solution for non-profit organizations. With Center you get all the features you need, withou

Real-Time Expensing for Non-Profit Organizations

View thisprintable, sharable two-page datasheet on hownon-profit organizations benefit from Center's real-time expensing.

Every Nation’s Global Mission Takes Off with Center

A non-profit makes the most of its budget while streamlining accounting, achieving real-time visibility into all expenses, and simplifying travel reim

Seattle Jobs Initiative Responds to Increasing Demand with Center

A non-profit streamlines spend and expense management to support remote work, expand visibility, and meet rising demand for its services during COVID-

How Center Helps Non-Profits Focus on What Matters Most

Non-profit organizations must manage expenses within the added constraints of tight budgets and high-efficiency benchmarks. Center can help.

How Non-Profits Can Come Out of the COVID-19 Crisis Stronger

Non-profits need new processes and tools to manage change, be more agile, and keep precious resources focused on the work that matters most.