Inside The Guide

  • Why better spend management matters
  • How legacy expense solutions fall short today
  • The challenges that arise with no corporate credit card program
  • Common objections to corporate credit card programs
  • How to choose a company card program
  • The playbook for success once you've chosen your new corporate credit card
The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Cards is a tool designed for organizations of all sizes.

Get step-by-step guidance on how to navigate managing and optimizing spend. 

The Ultimate Guide Includes: 

  • Tactical steps you can apply in your organization right away
  • Data and insights based on a late 2020 survey of over 500 US-based business spenders
  • A wealth of resources to refer to, and more

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About Center:

Center helps organizations thrive by getting the most out of every dollar—and hour—spent. Center uses real-time data to track spend as it happens, for better visibility, live analytics, and cost savings. Center's complete corporate card and AI-powered expense management solution automates the entire spend cycle from planning through purchase, processing, and posting to the general ledger. Want to learn more about the advantages of real-time expensing? Start exploring