Keep Your Business on Track
with a Better P-Card Solution

Are P-card hassles delaying your month-end close? Replace them with CenterCard® Corporate Credit Card, powered by Mastercard.®

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Tired of Wondering Who Spent What and Why?

Software subscriptions. Digital ads. Office supplies.
With more business spend in the hands of employees, you need a better way to monitor, track, and reconcile departmental expenses.


Issue P-Cards for Company Purchases

Center’s complete spend and expense solution gives you full visibility into all employee purchases. Issue P-cards to track spend by department, client, event, and more.

Employees don’t have to use personal cards or cash for company expenses, and finance maintains strong controls to avoid misuse.

CenterCard + Center Expense are free, and there’s no limit to the number of cards.

Screenshot of Center Purchasing Card Expenses
Screenshot of Center Purchasing Card Expenses

Integrated Expensing

Simplify P-Card Reconciliation

One of the biggest challenges with shared p-cards is reconciling statements and gathering missing expense details, including receipts.

CenterCard and Center® Expense are directly integrated to capture expense details at the time of purchase. Spenders simply snap a picture of the receipt and enter key details via the Center Mobile App. Finance and accounting get the information they need immediately.

You’ll save valuable time and close the books faster each month.

See how to track expenses your way with Customizable Policy Controls

Process Automation

Save Time and Money

Paying by credit card is fast, convenient, and safe, compared to writing checks and ACH transfers. With more and more invoices payable via credit card, you can streamline the payment process for a range of indirect procurement. No more storing physical receipts and invoices. No more manual processing.

Purchases are covered by fraud protection, and Center Expense flags any expense that is out of policy. You can easily review all P-card purchases in Center‘s Insights dashboard to identify opportunities to optimize spend.

An added bonus: depending on spend levels, your p-card purchases may qualify for a rebate.

Screenshot of Center Purchasing Card Expenses

A Better P-Card Solution

Business spend has become increasingly decentralized, with employees making more purchase decisions independently. And with so many purchases happening on cards, accounting teams need a better way to keep track of the many expenses that happen outside of the traditional expense reporting process or procurement process.

See how Center can bring more visibility and controls to your company’s purchasing process.


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Complete Spend and Expense Management

Finance teams love using CenterCard + Center Expense to manage all kinds of spend, including individual, departmental, and project expenses.

Flexible Corporate Card Program

Empower employee purchasing with CenterCard® Corporate Card, powered by Mastercard.® Issue individual cards or p-cards by department or project. It’s easy to set and change limits, and lock cards for security.

Capture Expense Details Immediately

Easy for spenders and accounting alike. Spenders use the Center® mobile app to snap a photo of a receipt at the time of purchase, add any other needed details, and submit. No more tracking down missing information.

Integrated Expense Management

CenterCard works directly with Center Expense for full visibility into all spend, including p-card purchases. Streamline review and reconciliation with custom fields, expense policy flags, and dynamic approval workflows.

Save Money and Optimize Budget

Analyze p-card spend in the Insights dashboard. Plus Center is free (really!), and you may qualify for a rebate based on purchase volume.

Excellent Customer Service and Support

Every Center customer receives a dedicated customer support manager to get up and running smoothly, and we’re here to help whenever needed.

Accelerate Time to Close with Integrations

Center is designed to work easily with your ERP. Set up a direct integration or export to CSV for easy upload. Close the books faster than ever.

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