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By Naveen Singh on April 29, 2021
Center CEO Naveen Singh shares five fundamental takeaways for finance teams and business leaders to consider as the economy moves into recovery.

By Naveen Singh on November 06, 2020
Center CEO Naveen Singh explains how the pandemic forced finance teams to rethink systems and processes.

By Naveen Singh on October 09, 2020
Six months into the pandemic, we wanted to know more about how finance teams are dealing with the effects of COVID-19 today.

By Naveen Singh on April 14, 2020
As COVID-19 executive orders limiting travel and group gatherings bring many employee expenses to a grinding halt, how can finance teams use this time...

By Naveen Singh on March 24, 2020
No one knows how long the coronavirus pandemic will impact the economy. Here are four things you can do today to stay strong fiscally. When I want ...

By Naveen Singh on December 17, 2019
This article originally appeared in Accounting Today. With the wealth of cloud-based finance and accounting tools available, it’s tempting to thi...

By Naveen Singh on October 09, 2019
When we’re out talking to growing companies, we see a pattern—the CFO says things are going great, but the controller paints a different picture altog...

By Naveen Singh on November 30, 2017
Budgets should help companies put their strategic plans to work, but their effectiveness is often limited by old data, bad habits, and inefficiency.

By Naveen Singh on March 09, 2017
The Blunt Truth Here’s a common scenario: It’s the beginning of March, and you get an email that says the company needs employees to cut non-critic...