Legacy expense management software is expensive and doesn’t meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. So how can you modernize your expense management process without taking time away from your mission or breaking the bank?

In This Webinar

Learn how non-profits can drive their mission forward by optimizing their expense management. 
In this discussion we cover: 

  • Common challenges non-profits face today when accounting for organizational spend and employee expenses
  • Best practices to track expenses and approvals, account for projects and grants, and ensure strong compliance and audit
  • New Center features designed to improve visibility and control of non-profit expenses


Webinar brought to you Center, creators of CenterCard® and Center® Expense.
Center simplifies spend and expense management for organizations who want to focus on their mission, including:


Customer Reviews

"We just finished our month-end close in record time, thanks to Center. It feels so good not having to worry about anything going into the weekend!"

Finance Team Member


"Center streamlined the reimbursement process and reduced the amount of back and forth tracking, approvals, and gathering receipts. We love the technology."



"For non profits, tracking spend by program is essential, and Center really helps with this. I'm able to see all of my data in the Expense Hub and sort by specific program or grant."



About Center:

Center focuses on helping organizations thrive by getting the most out of every dollar—and hour—spent. With its integrated corporate card and expense software, Center uses real-time data to track spend as it happens for better visibility, live analytics, and cost savings. More information about how non-profit organizations use Center to help contain costs and monitor spend in real time is available here.