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A dramatic shift in business spending (from centralized procurement to employee-driven purchasing) brings new urgency to an age-old debate: should employees pay for work expenses with personal credit cards or corporate cards?

Watch our lively, previously recorded debate exploring the question that every organization needs to answer.

In This Debate

Our panelists go toe-to-toe, point-to-point on the issues. Each side tackles the misconceptions and myths around using personal and corporate cards for business expenses, arguing their best case for adopting their position. No question is dodged.

By the end, the panelists will answer the questions:

  • What should employers consider when deciding which type of card program to use?
  • How does an organization know if it needs corporate cards? 
  • Do employees prefer personal cards and what are the financial impacts? 
  • How important are individual rewards points vs. company rebates?
  • What is the best way to get employees to follow policy and spend less?

Duration: 30 minutes

If you're in the process of deciding whether you need a corporate card, watch this debate!


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