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See why Center is a better choice for growing businesses

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“Center has eliminated the monthly reconciliation of 500+ transactions and eliminated my concern regarding how each one is classified.”


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Center offers real-time expensing for growing companies that need customization and flexibility.

As your company grows, your processes grow more complex. Get the customization and flexibility your organization needs, including:

  • Automatic Audit: Get the controls you need without the hassle of managing individual budgets. Center automatically reviews every expense against policy and flags non-compliant spending.
  • Customizable Policy Controls: Track your expenses to match your accounting systems, with custom fields, list items, and logic that go far beyond whether or not a receipt is required.
  • Dynamic Approval Workflows: Center easily handles multi-level approvals and automatic routing based on the project, expense type, amount, or any field you specify.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Center gives you all the tools you need to analyze spending and drill down into the details. Get instant, detailed reporting, even on your custom fields.
  • No Hidden Charges: Surprised by unexpected fees for deployment and out-of-pocket or mileage transactions? Center is simple and free to set up, with no surprise add-ons.


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