The Simple and
Straightforward Choice

 Center is an easy choice for organizations looking for a better way to manage expenses, free from complicated and variable pricing. You'll get:

Real-time visibility: Control spend and monitor expenses with up-to-the-minute data, for quicker, informed decisions.

Expense software that scales with you: Track expenses your way, with customizable workflows, policy flags, and more.

Responsive customer service: Eliminate unnecessary stress and focus on what really matters. We'll help you get started and answer any questions along the way.

No fees: No expense report fees, no annual fees, no unbundling fees.

CenterCard® + Center® Expense
A Real-Time Expensing Alternative to Expensify

Center is perfect for small and mid-size businesses who need robust and flexible expense management software combined with excellent customer support and simple, clear pricing.

Center is a corporate credit card and user-friendly mobile app directly connected with integrated ML-powered expense management software. It offers real-time visibility and reporting, dynamic workflows, and easy customization, with full customer support. G2 compares Center and Expensify here. Want a deeper look to see how Center compares to Expensify? 

Customer Reviews

“Being able to see my team's spend up to the minute by expense type is a dream. Expensify couldn’t give me this.” 

Vice President of Sales


A Better Approach to Expense Management

The real-time information you need. None of the headaches.


See Spend As It Happens

Knowing where you stand today relative to budget matters more than ever.

In Expensify, views are delayed by 24 hours or more. With Center, there's no waiting for employees to submit expense reports. You see spend as it happens, even unsubmitted expenses.

Center includes robust, dynamic reporting. Use Center's real-time spend dashboard to review trends, analyze details, and make quick, informed decisions.


Track Expenses Your Way

It's easy to get started with Center using built-in policies and settings. 

But since no two organizations are exactly the same, we made it easy to set spend limits, create custom workflows, and build policies.

Unlike Expensify, which can't route expenses to multiple approvers or report on custom fields, Center has dynamic approval workflows, customizable policy flags, and custom expense fields with reporting.


Get Help Quickly When You Need It

Center's software was designed to simplify the expensing process for spenders, managers, and finance alike. 

But when you have questions, we're here with dedicated onboarding support, live training, and phone support.

You'll get up and running in days, not weeks or months, and you can count on an immediate response when you need it, unlike Expensify, where you can expect an email response in 48 hours.

The Best Alternative to Expensify

Companies of all sizes are switching to Center’s complete spend and expense management solution. Center is the real-time expense alternative to Expensify, complete with the features, flexibility, and customer support organizations need.

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