Track Expenses
The Way You Want

Center’s simple, powerful spend and expense solution gives your organization the customization and flexibility you need.

Full Visibility into All Expenses: Center gives you a complete picture into employee spend. That includes all expenses, no matter where travel is booked.

Easy Customization: With Center you can quickly set up custom fields and workflows, route expenses to the right reviewers, map them to your GL, and make changes any time you want.

Dynamic Approval Workflows: Center easily handles multilevel approvals and automatic routing based on the project, expense type, amount, or any field you specify.

Robust Policy Controls: With Center’s Customizable Policy Controls, you know expenses always match your ERP and can sync easily to your GL.

CenterCard® + Center® Expense
Real-Time Expense Monitoring with Flexible Controls

Center is perfect for organizations that need powerful, flexible expense management software, excellent customer support, and simple, clear pricing.

Center is a corporate credit card and user-friendly mobile app with integrated ML-powered expense management software. It offers real-time visibility and reporting, dynamic workflows, and easy customization, with full customer support.


Customer Reviews

The application is easy to use from both an administrator side and cardholder side. The mobile app and web app are both very intuitive and provide the right flexibility in customization.” 

Controller & Manager of Strategic Finance


"Very flexible tool that can give great insight into your business and integrate seamlessly into accounting and operations. Center Expense has cut our month-end closing process time down significantly."


Small Business

We love the fact that at any given time, we can log in and see where we are with our real time. Then the reports can break it down to see where we are spending the most money.” 



Having artificial intelligence working in the background to help sort our different expense types really helps cut down on extraneous administrative burden. Center scales as we grow.” 


Small Business

"We knew we needed a solution to better manage tracking our team’s expenses, but we had no idea how much time we would save, and how easy it would be to transition to a new system."


Small Business

A More Agile Expense Management Solution

Easily customize Center to the needs of your business, even as it grows and changes.


Robust Tools at Your Fingertips

Whether for travel expenses or other procurement, creating and enforcing clear spending policies is critical. 

With Center, it’s easy to define and enforce your ideal expense policy with customized workflows and policy flags that automatically route each expense to the right approver based on the criteria you specify—no coding or outside consultants needed.

Learn more about Center’s Dynamic Approvals.


Track Expenses Your Way

Set up Center to match how your business works, and make changes any time. Add custom fields to capture the exact information you need. You always see where you stand on projects, jobs, and billable expenses, in real time, with powerful, dynamic reporting. 

Learn more about Center’s Customizable Policy Controls.



Streamline Processes and Improve Accuracy

Center saves your accounting team valuable time by eliminating errors along with the need for manual coding and reconciliation. 

Center’s built-in business logic makes expense data capture faster, easier, and more accurate. And powerful configuration tools automatically turn expenses into GL entries so you can book to your ERP correctly the first time, every time. 

Learn more about Center’s ERP integrations and intelligent expense categorization.


Simply a Better Choice

It’s easy to customize Center’s powerful controls and flexible tools to work with your business and change when your needs change. And real-time visibility into all spending—from travel to procurement and beyond—keeps your whole team on track.

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