Considering TripActions?

Why Center is a more powerful choice for managing all types of expenses—including travel—with flexibility, visibility, and controls

Five blue stars.

“Center took our expense management to the next level. It’s fast, easy to use, and customer support is top-notch!”


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Center’s simple, powerful spend and expense solution gives your organization the customization and flexibility you need.

See why customers prefer Center’s real-time expensing over traditional expense reporting software. With Center, you get:

  • Full Visibility into All Expenses: Center gives you a complete picture into employee spend. That includes all expenses, no matter where travel is booked.
  • Easy Customization: With Center you can quickly set up custom fields and workflows, route expenses to the right reviewers, map them to your GL, and make changes any time you want.
  • Dynamic Approval Workflows: Center easily handles multilevel approvals and automatic routing based on the project, expense type, amount, or any field you specify.
  • Robust Policy Controls: With Center’s Customizable Policy Controls, you know expenses always match your ERP and can sync easily to your GL.


You’re One Step Closer to Easy Expense Management

Screenshot of Center software on mobile phone and desktop.