What do you LOVE about your expense management software?

By The Center Team on February 14, 2022

Is it possible to find an expense management software that you love? While it’s uncommon to see “Love” and business software in the same sentence, it’s shocking how often we hear customers use “Love” and “Center” together.

It’s an odd question. We don’t often associate the word “love” with the software we use for work. If anything, it’s in the context of, “I’d LOVE to delete <insert app name>.”

I can think of a handful of times when I was really happy with a piece of software I use at work, but it certainly wasn’t love. It usually involved a major bug fix that had previously limited my work. I remember fondly when Microsoft extended the row limit in excel beyond 65,536 rows. I don’t love Excel, but I had love at first sight with row 65,537.

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But this question is an important one to ask: “What do you LOVE about your expense management software?” Can you think of anything? How would your employees answer that question when they’re filing their expense reports?

It can be hard to say those three little words about your current expense management software. In our  Expense Management Report, we surveyed 250 finance professionals, and only 19% thought their expense management process was smooth sailing. The other 81% knew their process was chaotic, unmanageable, wouldn’t scale, or needed fixing ASAP. The relationship is on the rocks.

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An ancillary tale: Loving your toilet bowl cleaner

In South Africa over the last decade, the lifting of trade restrictions meant an influx of inexpensive products flooded the market. Not only were these products cheaper, but they also incorporated free-market innovation in cleaning power, scents, and product formats.

Researchers studied the brand loyalty of South Africans to their toilet bowl cleaner and found that 73% switched to an option that was considered cheaper or better. Only 27% remained loyal to their existing toilet bowl cleaner.

While 27% is quite low from a customer loyalty perspective, it’s almost 50% higher than the 19% of finance leaders who think their expense management process is smooth sailing. You’re much more likely to love your toilet bowl cleaner than your expense management software.

A match made in heaven

While it’s uncommon to see “Love” and business software in the same sentence, it’s shocking how often we hear customers use “Love” and “Center” together.

Employees LOVE the real-time submission process through Center’s five-star mobile app. No more saving receipts or spending an hour filing the month-end expense report. (Link to Employees page)

Accounting teams LOVE the continuous flow of spend data so they have full visibility into all spend as it happens. This makes the month-end close a breeze, as does direct integrations to the GL.

Budget owners and executives LOVE real-time reporting, so they always know where they stand to hit their budget.

See for yourself. Read the reviews on 3rd party sites like the Apple App Store and G2Crowd of how customers love using Center:


  • We had a lot of issues with fragmented expense reports before Center. No more reports! I LOVE how fast I can see the transactions coming through for categorization.” Than A., Business Operations Manager (Source)
  •  “Highly Recommended. We love the flexibility with the software and the continual efforts by Center team to make the software even better.” – Katrina O., Senior Accountant (Source)
  • Excellent expense management tool. I love that there are no reports, Center cards are synced directly to the application, and there are no fees to use Center. Kelsey C., Accountant (Source)

It’s time to leave your current expense management process at the altar. Schedule a demo and see for yourself why customers are head over heels about Center.