Card Program

CenterCard + integrated expense and travel management software

We’ve integrated corporate cards with software and a mobile app to make managing company spend simple

CenterCard is more than a corporate card; it’s part of a powerful spend management solution created to streamline the purchasing process for everyone involved.
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Procurement Spend

Gain full visibility into tough-to-track expenses and dramatically decrease time spent on P-card reconciliation.

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Travel Booking & Spend

Streamline employee booking and expensing while enabling greater policy control and visibility into off-platform purchases for finance teams.

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Client & Project Forecasting

Track materials, services, and project costs to ensure billable expenses don’t slip through the cracks.

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Virtual Cards

Safely and easily issue to support employee purchases and guest travel, with all the same controls of the CenterCard.

A Corporate Card Everyone Will Love—
Even Your CFO

With CenterCard® Mastercard®, visibility, flexibility, and controls let you see spend in real time to confidently keep business running smoothly:
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Finance & Accounting

See all company spend as it happens, including unsubmitted expenses. Automate card reconciliation, improve billable accounting, and monitor tough-to-track expenses.


Use CenterCard for company purchases—no need to use personal cards or wait for reimbursement.

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Build a strong fiscal culture that empowers your team to stay on track with flexible controls and adjustable policy flags. Use live analytics to view and analyze spend across the company.

Powerful Software Puts Expenses in their Place

Expense management is essential but shouldn’t be burdensome. Center eliminates tedious tasks like receipt wrangling, manual audits, and procurement card reconciliation, freeing your team to focus on more strategic work.

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Dynamic, streamlined workflows speed expenses through review to GL.


AI-powered auditing flags only the expenses that require attention.

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Product screenshot.


With full visibility, your team can use real-time actuals to focus on the big picture.

Achieve More with Center

One Complete Program

With the card at the center, our full-featured expense solution allows you to see in real-time, control, and manage all employee spend in one place.

Employee Purchasing Cards

Empower employees and teams with individual and department cards. CenterCard is accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Flexible Card Controls

Set adjustable limits for each card and securely lock what’s not in regular use.

User-Friendly Admin Tools

Everything you need to easily and flexibly manage corporate cards.

Service and Support Included

Every Center customer receives a dedicated deployment manager to get up and running smoothly. CenterCard includes fraud coverage, travel insurance, and 24/7 support.

No Upfront Fees

Center’s revenue model is based on interchange fees; every time you use CenterCard the merchant pays a small fee to Mastercard, which is shared with Center.