Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pull personal credit during the underwriting approval process for CenterCard?

No, CenterCard is a corporate card, so we’ll need to review the financials of your business, but we do not run personal credit. It’s business credit only.

Can I use just Center Expense? Do we have to use CenterCards at our organization?

Of course, Center works for out-of-pocket and mileage expenses. So not every transaction needs to be on CenterCards. However, we think you’ll love using CenterCards and want to put the majority of your business spend on them because every transaction is immediately visible within Center Expense. No need to wait for a credit card feed or for transactions to settle. And, your team will love the instant snap-and-submit process right at the time of purchase and not having to save receipts or file an expense report at the end of the month

My company outside of the United States and Canada, are we a good fit to do business with Center?

CenterCard works wherever Mastercard is accepted, including over 55 million locations worldwide. So if your team frequently travels internationally, Center still works great. However, Center only works with US and Canada-based organizations and subsidiaries today.

I'm launching my business and I'm looking at Center, are we a good fit?
We might be. We love working with businesses of every size and have connectors to the accounting software small businesses use, like Quickbooks Online and Sage Intacct. We have a range of credit options available including pre-paid options if your business hasn’t had time to establish credit.
Is your expense solution only available to the industries I see on your website?

No. Center works for just about every industry verticals. Schedule a demo today and see how Center can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

What do you mean "good-bye" expense reports? Those are critical to my business operations.

We understand. Most organizations have structured their processes around the monthly expense report and can’t imagine life without it.

Center was founded and built by a team of leaders and innovators who knew expense reporting should be far simpler and more powerful. Our snap-and-submit expensing empowers employees to submit expenses on the go and delivers better visibility to finance and accounting. With the connected corporate card and mobile app, accounting and finance can see what has been spent in real-time and every expense is audited against your expense policy. Once you see it in action, you’ll never want to go back to the “old way” again.

What if my organization doesn’t get the line of credit for CenterCard we are hoping for, do I have options?

Absolutely. Center has a variety of credit options available and would love to work with you to meet the needs of your business.

How long does Center take to deploy? What’s the process?

Center is a cloud-based SaaS solution that requires no installation and minimal configuration. Our deployment team will work with you to set up your environment to match your organization structure and your chart of accounts from your ERP. Typically you can be up and running on Center in just a few weeks.

With Center, do you have to issue Corporate Cards to every single employee? Can employees that rarely submit expense reports still use a personal card on with Center Expense?
Definitely not. You choose who gets a card, and you can also issue shared cards (also called purchasing cards) for use by departments, teams, or projects. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Cards for more information and tips about how to administer your corporate card program
How is Center free? How do you stay in business offering Center for no cost?

Yes. Center software is completely free to use for our customers. We use a unique business model based on credit card interchange. Vendors pay a small fee to accept credit cards, and Mastercard shares part of that fee with us. This enables us to offer Center completely free of charge.

How are you different from other options?

We’re different than traditional expense reporting software because of our connected corporate card and mobile app. Employees submit expenses as they occur right from the app, unlike legacy solutions which require the transaction to settle, the card feed to refresh, an expense report to submit. Accounting and finance see transactions days or weeks faster with Center. Center is also completely free to use and does not charge a fee per user or per expense report.

Some newer solutions also offer a connected corporate card, but they lack customization and audit capabilities. With Center, you can track expenses exactly the way you want with configurable workflows to create your custom fields, expense policy, and approval rules. No coding or professional services required.

Center is different than other corporate cards and bank cards because of our integrated software that’s included for free. Most banks and corporate cards offer minimal, if any, expense software. Center is 100% focused on delivering the best expense management software and automating manual accounting tasks to unlock new levels of productivity in your organization. CenterCard is free and we do not charge a fee per card.