Frequently Asked Questions

What is Center?

Center is a corporate card and connected software solution that gives businesses real-time visibility into all employee spending, automates the traditional expensing experience and cumbersome accounting tasks, and provides finance teams with the controls and data needed for optimal decision making. Designed to be self-service and delivered via first-class deployment to ensure confidence and deliver immediate value, Center is easily customized to your accounting practices and approval workflows and delivered in a usage-based business model. Manage corporate card, corporate travel, and all employee expenses in one place with Center.

Why was Center started?

Center was founded and built by a team of innovators who knew expense reporting should be far simpler and more powerful. We modernize the expense reporting process from batch-based to in-the-moment expensing. Our card-first experience enables every employee expense to be run through corporate policies as they happen, ensuring timely approvals and month-end close. With the connected corporate card and mobile app, finance and accounting teams have the controls and visibility they need from swipe through reconciliation.

Do you pull personal credit during the underwriting approval process for CenterCard?

CenterCard is a corporate card. Credit is determined by business credit worthiness. We review company financials, but we do not run personal credit. Our process pertains to business credit only.

What if my organization doesn’t get the line of credit for CenterCard we are hoping for, do I have options?

Absolutely. Center has a variety of credit options available, and we would love to work with you to meet the needs of your business.

How do employees submit expenses?

Employees swipe CenterCard and use the mobile app to snap photos of receipts, capturing details on the go. Spenders review and submit in real time, with minimal effort, leveraging auto-populated details like vendor, amount, and expense type. Admins see all employee spend as it happens—in one place—to gather insights, identify savings, and drive timely, better-informed budget decisions.

Do you have to issue corporate cards to every single employee?

You know your business best, and you’ll always have control over who is issued a CenterCard within your organization. You can safely issue physical or virtual cards, as well as shared cards (aka procurement cards) for use by departments, teams, or projects. With Center, you can lock, unlock, and close cards with just a click, as well as easily report fraud, adjust limits, and order replacements. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Cards for more information and tips about how to administer your corporate card program.

Can I use CenterCard internationally?

Today, Center works with US-based organizations and subsidiaries. CenterCards are issued domestically and support international usage.

Is your solution only available to the industries listed on your website?

Center helps businesses across all industries administer and manage corporate cards, corporate travel, and all employee expenses in one place. Our website highlights our top industries, but we are dedicated to helping your company simplify your expense program, regardless of industry. Our high-touch approach to deployment and ongoing support ensures immediate value and confidence in our solution. Schedule a demo today and see how Center can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

How long does it take to deploy Center? What’s the process?

Our deployment process is designed to build confidence and ensure success, at your pace, with minimal lift. Our deployment team will customize Center to your business requirements, including configuration, validation, ERP integration, and customer approval flows. Typically you can be up and running with Center in just a few weeks. A dedicated account manager will provide ongoing support to your team, along with admin and cardholder support, 24/7, and online resources at no additional cost.

How much does Center cost?

Each time you swipe CenterCard, the merchant pays a small fee to Mastercard—and that fee is shared with Center. Center is offered without annual or licensing fees or any upfront investment. For corporate travel booking, customers only pay a flat per-trip fee that includes unlimited itinerary changes, self-service cancellations and adjustments, and 24/7 omnichannel support and services.

Learn more about Center’s pricing.

Does Center offer corporate travel booking?

Yes. Center enables companies to administer and manage corporate cards, corporate travel, and all employee expenses in one place.

Travel is typically the second highest business expense behind payroll and a historically difficult cost to control. With a fully integrated card, expense, and travel solution, companies can gain control and visibility of all employee spend—including off-of-platform bookings—and improve policy compliance across all spend categories. Our travel management experience includes travel booking through a modern user experience, comprehensive selection, competitive rates, and 24/7 omnichannel traveler services and support powered by travel platform, Spotnana.

More on our travel features

Can I book trips using my traveler loyalty status?

Yes. Employees can set up their personal profiles and easily apply loyalty programs, known traveler status, and other preferences, resulting in a highly personalized booking experience.

Do you offer traveler support?

Yes, we offer personalized global travel services and support, without the fees. Easily redeem unused tickets or make unlimited itinerary changes with self-service support. If agent support is needed, we maintain staffing levels to respond quickly for traveler access to 24/7 omnichannel support from expert agents whenever needed—for guest travelers too.

Can travelers make changes or cancel their trip?

With Center, travelers can experience the next generation of travel booking with a process that is as simple as shopping on their favorite website. Book trips easily, on budget, and within policy. With comprehensive selection, self-service changes, and 24/7 omnichannel support, travelers can arrange, modify, or cancel trips as well as make unlimited changes directly within the app at no additional cost.

Travelers can use our online booking tool to:

  • Change suppliers, dates, times, or locations
  • Add or change seats, loyalty number, known traveler number, and more
  • Cancel bookings and receive an instant refund or credit
Can travelers redeem unused ticket credits for flights?

Yes. Travelers can easily redeem unused tickets on a self-service basis when booking a trip—reducing waste and ensuring your company gets the most out of travel spend.

What is a travel and expense policy?

A travel and expense policy is a set of rules that determine which travel choices are allowed for employees at the time of booking. Center allows you to manage your policy for travel bookings, travel spend, and employee expensing, all in one platform.

Center’s intelligent automation enables real-time enforcement of your business travel policies to drive greater compliance while ensuring ease and accuracy.

If you don’t currently have a travel policy in place, your dedicated Center Account Manager can assist you with creating one that fits your company’s needs.

Do you offer virtual cards?

Yes. Admins can safely and easily issue unlimited virtual cards to users for immediate activation that includes all the same features as a physical CenterCard. Lock, unlock, and close cards with just a click, as well as easily report fraud, adjust limits, and order replacements.

Can I add guest travelers such as non-employees like contractors or consultants?

Yes, guest travelers can be added to book and expense travel. User permissions can be tailored to provide guests with appropriate access. Easily issue virtual cards to assist with spend during company-sponsored trips.