CenterCard for
Procurement Spend

Achieve full visibility into tough-to-track expenses and dramatically decrease time spent on procurement card reconciliation

Center gives me amazing, instant transparency into our spend—by department, by spending area, by expense type.”

Erica Sweet


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Procurement Made Simple

With the decentralization of purchase decisions on the rise, you need a better way to monitor, track, and reconcile departmental expenses.

Center lets you issue as many cards as you need, including P-cards, and track spend by department, project, client, location, or your distinct business criteria. Set card-specific limits based on spend category and lock or order replacement cards with a click. Configurable approval rules ensure that centralized spending stays within budget and complies with existing policies.

Streamline P-Card Reconciliation

One of the biggest challenges with shared P-cards is reconciling statements and gathering missing expense details and receipts.

CenterCard and Center Expense directly integrate to capture necessary information at the time of purchase. Spenders simply snap a picture and enter key details via Center Mobile App, giving Finance teams real-time insight into spend, dramatically streamlining closing the books every month.

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Make Better Decisions With Real-Time Visibility

Credit cards are fast and convenient, and most invoices are payable this way. With Center, see real-time spend and stop worrying about physical receipts, storing invoices, or manual processing.

Purchases are covered by fraud protection, and Center Expense flags any out-of-policy expenses. Use the insights dashboard to review and drill down on P-card purchases, uncover trends, identify savings, and access procurement data to inform budgeting and vendor negotiations.

A Better P-Card Solution

Flexible Corporate Card Program

Empower employee purchasing with CenterCard Mastercard—issue P-cards by department or project while efficiently managing card limits and security.

Capture Expense Details Immediately

No more tracking down missing information. Center mobile app lets spenders snap photos of receipts at the time of purchase, add any other needed data, and submit.

Integrated Expense Management

CenterCard works directly with Center Expense for full visibility into all spend, including P-card purchases. Streamline review and reconciliation with custom fields, expense policy flags, and dynamic approval workflows.

User-Friendly Admin Tools

Everything you need to easily and flexibly manage P-cards and individual corporate cards.

Best-in-Class Service and Support Included

Every Center customer receives a dedicated deployment manager to smoothly and efficiently get up and running.

No Upfront Fees

Center’s revenue model is based on interchange fees; every time you spend money with CenterCard the merchant pays a small fee to Mastercard, which is shared with Center.