Unlock Your Potential

At Center, not only will you never have to fill out another dreaded expense report, you’ll free road warriors and hard-working finance folks alike from the drudgery and frustration of outdated, paper-heavy processes, forever.


Spend management is foundational to every business, and it's ripe for innovation. We're rebuilding workflows and processes from the ground up and transforming the whole finance function to help companies unlock new levels of productivity and excellence.

Opportunity for Impact

Forging the future means countless opportunities to reinvent, from the tech stack at the heart of every business to new ways to sell, scale, and accelerate customer success. We’re leaning into challenges like embeddable payments, no-code configurability, and more.


We have a passionate, experienced leadership team and top talent from Concur, Microsoft, and Apptio. We recently closed our $50M Series B, and we’re energized by the opportunities for growth —for our customers, our business, and our team's careers.

Center team members