Center simplifies spend and expense management for nonprofit organizations who want to focus on their mission, including:

expense management for nonprofits


All the Features You Need, Without the Fees

Get real-time visibility and controls to track expenses, manage spend, and report on impact.


Enable Your Team

Staff and volunteers can use CenterCard® and the Center® mobile app to capture expense details and receipts on the go. 

Easily turn cards on and off and adjust spending limits with Center’s self-service admin features.


Monitor Your Expenses in Real Time

See spend as it happens all in one place, including unsubmitted expenses. No more accruals or guesswork.

Improve reporting accuracy and policy compliance by automatically auditing 100% of expenses.


Report on Your Impact

View expenses immediately across the organization with live analytics. See the big picture or zoom in to the details.

Track expenses by grant or program, and print spending documentation with receipts for grantors or funders.

CenterCard® + Center® Expense
Easily Track Expenses and Report on Impact

Center makes it easy for non-profit organizations to monitor, document, and report on expenses. See more details about customizing expense fields, reviewing spend by program, and creating receipt documentation with one click in Expense Management for Non-Profits datasheet.

Customer Reviews

"Center streamlined the reimbursement process and reduced the amount of back & forth tracking, approvals, and gathering receipts. We love the technology."

Dir. of Finance and Technology


"Closes the gaps on expense management inefficiencies. With Center, the wait time is essentially nonexistent. As soon as our cardholders use their card, they can process and submit their expense for approval."



"Instantaneous submission of expenses - you can purchase something and immediately assign the expense to a specific fund & be done with it! No more waiting til the end of the month, losing receipts, etc."

Director of Operations


“We have been using Center for the past seven months in our organization. I love the ease of use, whether on the computer or using the mobile application. It is very easy to put in receipts, categorize spend and then go about the rest of the day.”



Center for Your Whole Team

Everyone benefits from the clarity of real-time data



Use CenterCard to make purchases on behalf of the organization and capture expense details quickly and accurately with customizable fields for grants


Fewer surprises, better tracking, and immediate access to the numbers you need means you spend less time chasing down receipts and more time on what m


Real-time data shows where you stand now, not last month. Share current program, grant, and fundraising spend any time with the board of directors, gr

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