Clauger partners with Center to save time, simplify expense tracking, and speed up invoicing

Case Study


  • Construction


  • 700+ employees


  • Ease of use
  • Faster client invoicing for better cash flow
  • Smoother expense reimbursements
  • Easy integrations and customizations

A global construction company significantly improves cash flow while saving time, simplifying expense tracking, and speeding up client invoicing.

Clauger is a family-owned company that designs, manufactures, and installs industrial refrigeration and air treatment systems. It operates in 90 countries, with more than 700 employees spread across three divisions.

Before Center: Time-Consuming and Slow

When Ursula Klicker took over as CFO of Clauger’s US Division, she inherited a cumbersome, outdated expense process. The company had a credit card program, but employees still had to file manual expense reports and keep track of paper receipts. The accounting team spent valuable time constantly reminding everyone to turn their reports in, which slowed down client invoicing and cash flow.

Klicker started looking for an alternative. The requirements: quick implementation, easy for all employees to use (even less tech-savvy team members), and simple integration with their ERP software. Center checked all the boxes.

A Customized Center Solution in Under a Week

Getting Center set up was quick and easy. Implementation with QuickBooks took less than a week, and the Center team worked closely with Clauger to set up custom cost centers, expense accounts, and project categories. Employees got their cards and downloaded the app, and they were up and running.

“My experience with the CenterCard support team has been exceptional. They work with us to make little changes to the customizations. And they always keep us up to date about changes they’re making to improve the customer experience.”
Ursula Klicker, CFO

The Results: Faster Invoicing and Improved Cash Flow

Center has transformed the way Klicker’s accounting team operates. They now post expenses to the GL right away—no more waiting for monthly card statements and expense reports. Immediate posting means that they can quickly invoice clients for expenses.  And because clients receive their invoices so much sooner,  when the expenses are more recent and top of mind, clients approve and pay them faster as well, which frees up Clauger’s cash flow significantly.

“The improvements to my cash flow have been immense.”

Another huge impact is saved time, since the accounting team no longer has to spend hours chasing down receipts. They easily stay up to date by logging in regularly to see unsubmitted receipts and sending quick reminders. It’s also incredibly simple to adjust spending limits or preset approvals. Specific expenses and categories can even be approved automatically.

“My accounts payable person really loves me now.”

Employees have also embraced the new system. Instead of tracking paper receipts, they take a quick photo of the receipt when they make a purchase, and then quickly select the account and project number from the drop-down menu and enter any extra details—done!

“Overall, moving to Center has been a great experience and a big time- and money-saver. I know that sometimes when you’re busy, credit cards are not on the top of your list of things to change, but this is a very quick win. I say just take the leap and do it, and you will be super surprised how easy it is.” 

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