PGM of Texas chooses Center to centralize expensing for growing business

Case Study


  • Professional Services


  • 200 employees


  • Streamlined reconciliation process
  • Real-time visibility
  • A scalable tool to support multi-entity growth

Before Center

  • Manual, paper expense submission process
  • Zero visibility into company spend
  • Closing books took 30–40 hours each month

After Center

  • Expedited reconciliation time by up to 75%
  • Real-time visibility across multiple locations
  • Dedicated support and account management
  • Easy expensing through the CenterCard mobile app

Founded in 1999, PGM of Texas (PGM) is a recycler of ethically sourced catalytic converters in North America. Based out of San Marcos, Texas, PGM has more than twenty locations nationwide.

Challenge: Scaling business demands modern expense management solution

Before Center the company used a local bank to manage its corporate cards and didn’t have an expense management solution. Senior Accountant Taylor Mercer admitted, “We did reconciliation the old-fashioned way: we’d wait for a receipt to show up on our desk and then enter it into the account.”

PGM’s approach wasn’t sustainable for the growing business and lacked efficiency and visibility. Processing expenses typically took 2–4 weeks, causing long delays in month-end closure. Mercer shared, “As PGM expanded, it became evident that a structured expense management platform would address approval concerns and offer better visibility into spending across the company.”

Solution: A complete card and expense solution to improve control

When Mercer researched solutions to replace the manual expense management process, Center stood out. “While we did review other software, we liked that Center had a fully integrated corporate card and expense management platform that offered real-time visibility. Plus, the CenterCard mobile app meant it would be easier for employees to submit expenses on the go, so our reporting could be more accurate.”

“With Center, I really appreciate the real-time monitoring of expenses. The increased visibility lets us see what’s happening across all our business units so we can make more informed budget decisions.”  —Taylor Mercer, Senior Accountant, PGM of Texas

Rollout of Center was swift and smooth, which Mercer credits to their “Wonderful deployment manager, Haleigh,” who deftly handled custom requests and was always available for questions. “She communicated effectively with me and my team and was very considerate of our time, making the process easy. She also helped us add custom expense types that benefit and match our multi-entity business model.” Now, PGM can manage and track budgets across locations without any lag in time or extra effort.

After PGM finished its successful implementation for the core business, it was time to do it again for a company they had acquired. With Center’s flexible setup, gaining spending oversight across a multi-entity company is a key benefit. Mercer shared, “We were very impressed by our experience with Center. When we brought over our subsidiary company, Legend Smelting and Recycling, it was obvious we should roll out Center to our new business. And the process was even easier the second time.”

Impact: Center delivers first-class support, real-time visibility, and efficiency

Post deployment, PGM has continued to feel supported every step of the way. Although they haven’t needed to rely on Center Support much, they are in regular contact with their Center Account Manager.

“As a multi-entity company with 23 locations across the United States, it was essential to find a solution that could show us where most of our costs are happening. My favorite feature with Center is the insights reporting—I can visibly see where our spend is being used.” —Taylor Mercer, Senior Accountant, PGM of Texas

PGM now has valuable insight to manage day-to-day and long-term business more effectively. For Mercer, the increased control and visibility made possible through Center opens the door for the fast-growing company’s ability to operate easily and budget confidently.


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