Customer Spotlight: AMAROK

How AMAROK centralizes expense, travel, and payment methods with Center

In response to challenges posed by an ineffective costly solution, AMAROK embraced Center nearly two years ago. Today, the finance team enjoys enhanced visibility into expenses and employee travel, with Center enabling efficient trip booking and policy compliance.
Center has a comprehensive travel inventory, which makes booking travel easy, and employees feel very supported while they’re traveling. I would recommend Center because it’s simple to use, easily configurable, and we’re well supported with every transaction.

Becky Crow

Director of Accounting, AMAROK

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T&E Policy Rollout Checklist

Ensure smooth adoption across your organization for better employee compliance from the start.


Person holding credit card next to card reader.

One Complete Solution

Center’s card-first expense management solution delivers the real-time visibility, control, ease of use, and flexibility you’ve been looking for—all in one place.

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Business Travel Made Simple

Companies need better control and visibility of spend—from swipe through reconciliation.