Center Expense Management Benchmarking Assessment Tool

Expense Management Benchmarking Assessment Tool

Benchmark your organization's spend and expense management process against companies of similar size, and receive a customized report.
Business Spender Sentiment Infographic

Do Employees Prefer Corporate Cards or Personal Cards?

We asked business spenders how they really feel about using personal cards for work expenses. The answer? It's complicated. 
How do employees really feel about using personal cards for business spend

How Do Employees Really Feel About Using Personal Cards?

What do employees prefer: personal cards or business cards? How much do points or rewards really matter? Find out from 500 business spenders.
Best Expense Management for Construction Companies

Construction Expense Management: Setting a Strong Foundation

This webinar covers setting a strong expense management process foundation at construction companies to help employees work more efficiently,…
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Emerald Aire Streamlines Expenses with Center

A construction and engineering firm speeds month-end close while eliminating paperwork, saving time, and gaining real-time visibility into expenses.
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Clearwater Construction Simplifies Monthly Accounting with Center

A construction company transforms late receipts and customer bills into improved financial control with Center. 
Center Expense Management

Controller Connection: How to Elevate Your Team’s Impact

The job of financial controller has evolved way beyond number crunching. Join our conversation with a seasoned veteran to learn how to stop fighting…
Alternative to TripActions

Center vs. TripActions Datasheet

Why Center is a more powerful choice for managing all types of expenses—including travel—with flexibility, visibility, and controls.