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The True Cost of Expense Reporting and Management

By The Center Team on September 18, 2019

Our survey of 250+ finance pros revealed that time spent expense tracking and invoice processing limits strategy, planning, and cross-department collaboration.

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The 5 Types of Business Traveler

By The Center Team on January 16, 2019

What type of business traveler are you? We surveyed 300 employees to get a handle on employee attitudes toward business travel in the age…

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Your Employees Want to Do the Right Thing

By The Center Team on November 15, 2018

We believe that when people have the right information, in the right environment, they make the right choices. Our research backed it up.

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How Well Do You Know Your Company’s Budget?

By The Center Team on September 6, 2018

Done right, budgets provide strategic insights and operational focus, but most are static, cumbersome, and out-of-date.

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The Blueprint for Effective Budgeting

By The Center Team on July 17, 2018

According to our budget survey, it’s two key factors working together that drives success.

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Who’s Responsible for Keeping Your Budget on Track?

By The Center Team on June 12, 2018

Budgeting should be a team effort, but our research revealed that it often isn’t.

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