Center Earns Best-in-Class Customer Rating

By The Center Team on September 20, 2022

Hybrid work and the economic environment has prompted many businesses to audit expenses more closely and modernize their expense management programs. At Center, we’ve seen our customer base triple to more than 600 customers over the past year—and a retention rate of 94% shows they’re happy with their choice.

We recently measured our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which asks customers, “How likely are you to recommend [your brand] to a friend or colleague on a scale of 1–10?” For context, a “good” NPS score is 0–30, a “great” score is 30–70, and an “excellent” NPS score is 70–100. The average NPS score for technology companies like Center is 35, and best-in-class companies score above 70. Our overall score for this quarter was 79 and nearly two-thirds of the 100 respondents gave us a 10 out of 10.

Here are some of the top takeaways, along with a few customer comments in their own words.

What Customers Love About Center

100% of respondents are satisfied with our Customer Support.

The Center team is very knowledgeable and helpful!

Great customer service 🙂

The customer service team is very friendly and helpful.

97% say Center’s deployment process is easy.

“The implementation and migration were easy. The webinars are very helpful for our administrators and end users.”

“For our mid-size organization, it’s easier to use Center than [our previous solution].”

93% agree that Center is easy to use.

“My most tech-challenged employees use it, no problem.”

“Haven’t had to contact customer service because it’s so easy to use and intuitive.”

95% feel that Center provides value to their organization.

“Endless custom fields make it easy to get all the right details. Wonderful exports for backend simplification.”

“Everyone in the company loves this platform, and it cut off 5 days from our book closing time frame!”

“Love how easy it makes reconciling!”

“This tool has been a great time saver.”

97% intend to keep using Center for the foreseeable future.

“The continual improvements/enhancements are great!”

“We appreciate all your support and updates over the last couple years. Center has improved and made our processes easier for expensing and tracking expenses.” 

“We greatly appreciate that feedback is turned into action to improve Center via monthly updates.”

“I was very happy with Center to begin with, and it has only gotten better.”

Continuing to Make Center Better and Better

At Center, we consistently challenge ourselves to make spend management more connected, intelligent, and efficient. We are deeply committed to ongoing innovation, and many of our continual updates are inspired by client requests and suggestions. A few customer suggestions that are upcoming include making statements more user-friendly, mileage improvements, reporting improvements, and Android app enhancements.

Ready to Make the Switch?

This was one of our favorite customer comments:

“My only regret is not using CenterCard years ago!!!!”

Don’t lose years of your team’s time to clunky, outdated tools and processes. To see real-time reporting and insights for expense management in action, get a personalized demo today.