Headshot of Eugene Kuerner

Eugene Kuerner

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founded and joined Center: 2018
Based in: Bellevue, WA

Eugene has spent more than three decades in software engineering at industry-leading global companies, with a focus on leveraging and applying consumer tech principles to enterprise software. Prior to Center, Eugene served as CTO for healthcare company Carena and developed software and systems at MSN Video, Bing Mobile, and MSN. He previously served in engineering leadership roles at Walt Disney and Starwave and founded Friday Networks, a cloud service focused on networked multimedia, mobility, and security. Eugene holds an MS in engineering from Santa Clara University and a BS in mathematical and computational sciences from Stanford University. He is a California native who has resided in the Pacific Northwest since 1994. He lives in the Seattle area with his family.

“The convergence of consumption-based business models with the consumerization of enterprise software creates opportunity. It’s an exciting time to be developing new solutions to enterprise problems inspired by consumer tech.”