A Fleet Card Alternative that Goes Farther

Fleet cards slowing your crew down?
Replace them with CenterCard® Corporate Mastercard®

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Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Don’t let outdated fleet cards slow you down. Switch to a card that’s accepted anywhere and supercharged with next-generation expense management software.

Universal Acceptance

Don’t Leave Your Crew Stranded

You can’t afford to have drivers and field techs stranded on the road. CenterCard® is universally accepted on the Mastercard® network.

Feel confident you’re getting the best price on fuel purchases, with all the security and controls you would expect from a corporate card. Save time and money by empowering your team to get the best price and fill up anywhere.

See how easy it is for employees to submit expenses in real time.

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Easy Customization

Track Expenses Your Way

Expensing on the road is easy. Drivers just snap a picture of the receipt and enter mileage, gallons, and any other information you require at the pump or on the Center mobile app. No more expense reports, saving receipts, or tracking down missing information.

Customization is simple. Finance teams can link cards by driver or vehicle, and add custom fields like project or job number for more accurate job costing and real-time reporting.

See how Customizable Policy Controls help you track expenses your way.

Spend Controls

Set Up Guardrails to Keep Spend On Track

Require drivers to enter information at the pump, like vehicle ID, mileage, or driver number. Limit purchases by card or employee to gas only, or allow adjacent purchases like repairs and maintenance.

Card administration is flexible and easy. You have full controls to change limits or lock cards when not in use, and drivers can lock misplaced cards directly from the mobile app.

Finally! A corporate card everyone will love.

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Bring Your Fleet Up to Date

Fleet cards and fuel cards were an innovation for transportation and services 60 years ago, but they haven’t changed with the times. If you’re frustrated by limited acceptance, cost, billing practices, and spotty support, there’s a better way!

Simply put, Center is a better, more powerful, fleet card alternative.


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Complete Spend and Expense Management

Finance teams love using CenterCard + Center Expense to manage all kinds of spend, including travel, fleet, and fuel expenses.

Universal Acceptance, Flexible Controls

Keep your fleet rolling with CenterCard® Corporate Card, powered by Mastercard.® Set spend controls by expense type, employee, and more.

Easy On-the-Road Receipt Capture

Drivers, crew, and travelers capture receipts with the Center® mobile app for iOS and Android. Just snap a photo, add any other details, and submit.

Integrated Expense Management

CenterCard works directly with Center Expense. Use Customizable Policy Controls to track spend your way, and analyze spend with live analytics.

CenterCard and Center Expense Are Free. No, Really.

Center is free. No transaction fees, surcharges, or hidden fees. You may even qualify for a rebate based on purchase volume.

Excellent Customer Service and Support

Every Center customer receives a dedicated customer support manager to get up and running smoothly, and we’re here to help whenever needed.

Accelerate Month-End Close with Accounting Integrations

Center is designed to work easily with your ERP. Set up a direct integration or export to CSV for easy upload. Close the books faster than ever.

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