Turn a Tedious Chore Into Actionable Data

With full visibility into your team's spend and automated auditing, you spend less time reviewing expense reports and more time on hitting your goals.


Track Your Department’s Actual Expenses with Ease

Stay on budget. You’ll see your team’s expenses as they happen. No waiting for employees to submit month-end expense reports. No need to ask finance how you’re tracking to budget. 


Approve Expenses Efficiently and Effectively

Not an expert in your company’s expense policy? No problem. Center’s audit engine reviews every expense automatically, flagging just those that need extra attention. Bulk approve the rest. 


Turn Data Into Decisions

Use actual spend data to build next year’s budget, identify employees that need coaching, build more accurate proposals, or measure ROI for events and trips.  


“Being able to see my team's spend up to the minute by expense type is a dream. Expensify couldn't give me that.”

VP of Sales


"Now more than ever, it’s really important for us to provide accurate and timely data to the business. It’s critical that we avoid delays."


Accela, Technology

"We knew we needed a solution to better manage tracking our team's expenses, but we had no idea how much time we would save, and how easy it would be to transition to a new system."



Center for Your Whole Team

Everyone benefits from the clarity of real-time data.



Cross expense reports off the to-do list, forever. Just snap a photo and submit.



Real-time data that shows where you stand now, not last month. Start with the big picture and zoom in for the details.



Automate and transform expense processing with one simple, powerful solution.

CenterCard® + Center® Expense
Puts the Power of Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

Center is perfect for businesses who need robust and flexible expense management software combined with excellent customer support and simple, clear pricing.

Center is a corporate credit card and user-friendly mobile app directly connected with integrated ML-powered expense management software. It offers real-time visibility and reporting, dynamic workflows, and easy customization.

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Expense Data Accuracy Matters

In the absence of accurate and timely data, people and organizations make poor decisions. They often don’t realize that they’ve made a poor decision, so they can’t course correct.

Streamlined Expense Management is Good for the Whole Company

Imagine the collective relief of spenders, managers, executives, IT and, yes, finance, if the process could be tamed for good. The right system will help you streamline expense management to the benefit of all:

How Real-Time Expensing Works

We have replaced the typical corporate card with an integrated credit card and AI/ML driven software, so the entire expense process can be greatly streamlined from the swipe of the card to the GL.