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What to Look for in a Company Card Program

By The Center Team on April 8, 2022

Many elements of card programs are pretty standard. It’s really the ease of administration, the integrations, and the software that offer the most value.

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The Dirty Secret About Corporate Card Fees

By The Center Team on March 28, 2022

The history of why corporate credit card fees exist and how modern expense management software with integrated corporate credit cards offers relief from those…

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5 Ways To Simplify Accounting Tasks with P-Cards

By The Center Team on June 17, 2021

P-cards aren’t just for office lunches and Amazon orders. You can use them for any kind of expense, routine to mission-critical, with the right…

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Four Common Objections About Corporate Card Programs

By The Center Team on March 4, 2021

What’s your organization’s stance on corporate cards? New research shows how to think differently about managing employee spending.

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Why Do Companies Choose To Use Corporate Cards (Or Not)?

By The Center Team on January 5, 2021

Financial decisions begin before money is spent. Our research revealed the benefits for companies who choose to use corporate cards—and the reasons some don’t.

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Why It’s Time for a Corporate Card Program

By The Center Team on May 21, 2020

With an increasing need for live data and full visibility into spend, there are clear advantages to setting up a corporate card program sooner…

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