By Sam Fetchero on January 01, 2021

Posted in Expense Management

Everyone is eager to turn the page on 2020. As you're putting up your new 2021 desk calendar, you’re likely recovering from squeezing in all your work amidst holiday schedules and ensuring you hit budget targets and plan for 2021 objectives. However, now is the time to lay the foundation for a strong start in 2021. 

Get More Out of Your Budget

If your organization is like many of those we surveyed recently, you’re probably thinking about technology projects that can improve operational processes or alleviate economic pressures. Financial professionals told us that improving invoice and expense management is the #1 digital transformation project they want to tackle.

Of course, other departments in your organization likely have other technology priorities. The challenge is that most small and medium-sized organizations don’t have enterprise-sized budgets. You might have a list of projects you’d love to address, but only budget for one.

Center is a smart way to get more out of your budget. It’s free, and there are no card fees, no user fees, no per-expense-report fees, and no implementation or professional services fees. This means you can get two projects done for the price of one, or one high-impact project without spending any cash at all. 

What does this look like in practice? Earlier this year, one of our customers rolled out Center as its new expense management solution and applied the budget they would have spent toward new HR software, a literal two-for-one.

Make an Impact in a Matter of Weeks

With performance reviews right around the corner, it’s a good time to take stock of your accomplishments in the last year. Did you achieve everything you committed to doing? What are your opportunities to make a material impact for the company in the first few weeks of 2021?

Whether you’re using legacy software that still requires too much manual effort or—even worse—still depending on paper and spreadsheets, modernizing your expense management process is one way to make a real difference quickly. 

Center is fast and easy to deploy. It is not one of those nightmare software deployments that can stretch out for months or even multiple quarters—you can typically roll it out in just one to three weeks. And Center’s excellent customer success team handles most of the work. For your finance team, it’s as simple as setting up a 30-minute kickoff, gathering account codes, and scheduling training for team members. 

Now is an ideal time to make the switch. You will start the year fresh with next-generation expense management software that gives you full visibility into all of your 2021 spending and makes audit season a breeze. You can also get your team all set up before business travel starts to ramp up again.

Set Yourself up for Success in 2021

If your organization’s fiscal year matches the calendar, hopefully you’ve wrapped up your 2021 planning exercise. Did you include a line for license fees for legacy expense management software and annual fees for company credit cards? What if you could eliminate these expenses and re-allocate the funds? What could you accomplish? And what would the impact to your bottom line be?

Using Center also makes annual planning simpler (as well as the inevitable re-plans and re-forecasts). You get real-time visibility into expense data, with top-line reporting and drill-down details. It’s easy for your finance and leadership teams to understand where resources have gone and why. 

Center customer Seattle Jobs Initiative found that the real-time visibility helped them react to COVID-19 with more agility, empowering them to make more informed decisions about cash flow, avoid layoffs, and expand their services to better serve their community during a particularly challenging time. Check out the case study here.


There’s never been a better time to transform your expense management process with Center. Ring in 2021 with real-time expensing and free your team from legacy software or paper-based processes. Schedule a demo today.