Center Expense Management

Center: Real-Time Expense Management

It’s easier and more important than ever to monitor your organization’s expenses, control spend, and report on impact. 
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Wed, 03/02/2022 - 07:59

Empowering Your Finance Teams

This three-step approach, developed from experience working with hundreds of finance and accounting teams by Center's Brian Maslen, will help you…
Center Expense Management

About Center

Center helps CFOs and controllers unlock new levels of productivity and excellence with an integrated corporate card and expense management solution.
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SDV Construction Boosts Visibility and Profitability with Center

A construction firm modernizes its expense process with Center, saving time, streamlining approvals, and increasing visibility into costs.
Expense Management Report

Spend & Expense Management Report

2022 Edition. Center's third annual report on the state of spend and expense management. 
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Tue, 01/11/2022 - 09:06

5 Ways Finance Teams Can Elevate Their Businesses in 2022

Center CEO Naveen Singh shares ways CFOs and finance teams can face challenges expected in the upcoming year and be prepared for how the pandemic…
Center Expense Management

Groome Industrial Empowers Field Employees with Center

A specialty industrial services firm modernizes its AP system while simplifying expenses and getting clear on profitability.
Center On-Demand Demo video

On-Demand Demo

Center customers reduce time spent on review, audit, and post by 90%. Watch how it works.
Center Expense Management

Five Trends Transforming Financial Strategy and Planning in 2022

Learn about the top trends impacting finance teams in 2022 and tips on how to position your organization for a strong 2022 and beyond.
Center Expense Management Benchmarking Assessment Tool

Expense Management Benchmarking Assessment Tool

Benchmark your organization's spend and expense management process against companies of similar size, and receive a customized report.
Business Spender Sentiment Infographic

Do Employees Prefer Corporate Cards or Personal Cards?

We asked business spenders how they really feel about using personal cards for work expenses. The answer? It's complicated. 
How do employees really feel about using personal cards for business spend

How Do Employees Really Feel About Using Personal Cards?

What do employees prefer: personal cards or business cards? How much do points or rewards really matter? Find out from 500 business spenders.