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Close the Books Faster Than Ever With the Center QuickBooks Online Connector

By The Center Team on August 30, 2021

Center already helps teams save time and eliminate errors. The Center QuickBooks Online Connector makes expense tracking and monthly close even faster.

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Travel Is Back. So Are Expense Reports 🙁

By The Center Team on August 25, 2021

Business travel has changed a lot since Covid. One thing that hasn’t changed for many? The expense report. Fortunately, Center has a better option.

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Screenshot of a task in Center.

Empower Your Team with Dynamic Approvals

By The Center Team on August 16, 2021

With Center’s Dynamic Approvals, there’s no need to choose between empowering employees to spend and keeping that spend within company guidelines.

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Track Expenses Your Way with Customizable Policy Controls

By The Center Team on August 12, 2021

Track the exact information you need and make expensing easier for employees with Center’s customizable policy controls.

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Are You Committing One of the 7 Deadly Sins of Expense Management?

By The Center Team on August 3, 2021

From heedless spending to willful blindness, these “sins” hold finance teams back from smooth expense management—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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How Real-Time Expensing Works

By The Center Team on August 1, 2021

Real-time expensing empowers your team to work more efficiently and manage spend proactively. Here’s how it transforms every step of the process.

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