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What Is the Purpose of Expense Management Software?

By The Center Team on March 2, 2021

Center has completely reimagined expense management to a real-time expensing model, eliminating the burden of expense reports for employees and giving more visibility to…

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How Finance Teams Have Adapted to New Realities

By The Center Team on February 17, 2021

While 99% of finance teams experienced at least one challenge due to COVID-19, teams of all sizes demonstrated adaptability.

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Wallet with credit cards.

Why Do Companies Choose To Use Corporate Cards (Or Not)?

By The Center Team on January 5, 2021

Financial decisions begin before money is spent. Our research revealed the benefits for companies who choose to use corporate cards—and the reasons some don’t.

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Start The Year Strong With Center

By The Center Team on January 2, 2021

Everyone is eager to turn the page on this last year As you’re putting up desk calendar, you’re likely recovering from squeezing in all…

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5 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Forever Changed Business Finance

By The Center Team on December 30, 2020

Businesses, small and large, have been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The following trends that came to light this year will continue to…

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How Non-Profits Can Come Out of the COVID-19 Crisis Stronger

By The Center Team on December 2, 2020

Non-profits need new processes and tools to manage change, be more agile, and keep precious resources focused on the work that matters most.

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