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2020 Expense Management Report: Adapting to New Realities

By The Center Team on September 16, 2020

Learn what finance professionals had to say about adapting to the challenges of 2020, which tools they’re using, and more.

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Expense Data Accuracy Matters

By The Center Team on July 15, 2020

Having accurate and timely data is critical to any finance team doing their job properly. Here’s how Center helps with categorizing expenses correctly.

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Is Your Finance Team Under Pressure? Eight Ways Center Can Help

By The Center Team on July 6, 2020

Many finance teams are buried in time-consuming operational tasks. Here’s how Center can help streamline key processes to operate more strategically.

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Making the Switch from Expensify to Center

By The Center Team on June 4, 2020

It’s fast and easy for your whole team to make the switch to Center’s real-time expensing solution, for all the features you need without…

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How Can Non-Profit Finance Teams Focus on What Matters Most

By The Center Team on June 1, 2020

Non-profit organizations must manage expenses within the added constraints of tight budgets and high-efficiency benchmarks. Center can help.

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Doing More With Less: Rethinking Expense Management Now

By The Center Team on May 29, 2020

For finance teams, working smart and doing more with fewer resources is more critical than ever. A new approach to expense management can help.

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